March 4 Trump

Local Marches

"Now arrives the hour of action."

When I mentioned the "seditious fringe" in January, I wasn't referring to rank-and-file Democrats.  Rather, I was citing the violence perpetrated by separatists, anarchists, and opportunists during President Trump's inauguration.  Sure enough, these same anti-American elements resurfaced at March 4 Trump events all across the nation.  This page will now endeavor to record their identities and serve as a simple repository of the traitors attacking Citizens and the First Amendment.  If you are able to provide verifiable information regarding them, please use the contact form here to have it added.

St. Paul, MN (Media link)

From left to right: Linwood Kaine, Jonathan Adams, Anton Bueckert, Glenn Kimball, Isabell Kimball, Haley Ryan

Lake Oswego, OR (Media link)
From left to right: Sonny Keithley, Zachary Pursley, Michael Smith

Nashville, TN (Media link)
Jordan Reid (Facebook profile)

Washington, DC

From left to right: Jason Charter, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Lacy MacAuley, unknown, John Zangas, unknown, unknown, unknown.